Luis Suarez Italian citizenship,  announced on Tuesday.

Luis Suarez’s Italian citizenship exam is under investigation from prosecutors amid irregularities, it was announced on Tuesday.

The Barcelona forward, who himself is not under investigation, underwent a citizenship test at the University For Foreigners in Perugia on Sept. 17.

During an investigation into wrongdoing at the university, irregularities with Suarez’s test emerged.

A statement from the Perugia Prosecutor’s office said it appears information about the test was given to the candidate before the exam, while a final result was attributed before completion.

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“During the investigation undertaken by the Perugia financial police corps into various and accrued issues with regards to the Perugia University for Foreigners, which been ongoing since February 2020, irregularities in the Italian language certificate test undertaken on this Sept. 17 by Uruguayan footballer Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz, necessary to obtain Italian citizenship, have emerged,” the statement by Perugia prosecutor Raffaele Cantone read.

“The investigation has shown that the topics covered in the test were previously agreed and that the relevant score was agreed before the test had taken place. This, despite the fact that during the course of distance learning with university professors, he had only displayed a basic understanding of the Italian language.

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“Today, members of the financial police are acquiring university office documents for further information on the above described as well as a warrant for information of false certification offences committed by a public official.”

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Suarez had been told to look for a new club this summer after Barcelona appointed Ronald Koeman as their new manager.

Sources told ESPN earlier this that the ex-Liverpool forward had agreed a move to Juventus but required Italian citizenship in order for the transfer to go through due to his non-EU status. However, the transfer appeared to have broken down before he took exam and Juve boss Andrea Pirlo said two days after that Suarez was unlikely to join the Italian champions.


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