UK second shutdown, Pubs to close by 10pm in coronavirus crackdown.

The UK is being thrown into reverse. Boris Johnson will today announce national Covid restrictions including early pub closing and a return to working from home. As he starts to remove the freedoms of recent months, the Prime Minister is set to announce a 10pm curfew on pubs and hospitality venues in England from Thursday, that table-service only will become law and a return to home-working where possible. But there could also be new restrictions on social gatherings. New rules will be finalised at Cabinet before Mr Johnson chairs his first Cobra emergency committee in four months. He will then make a statement in Parliament at about 12.30pm (watch live here) before addressing the nation on TV at 8pm. Political Editor Gordon Rayner has everything to expect. And shoppers were urged not to panic buy as shelves were stripped of toilet roll and flour in scenes reminiscent of the start of the pandemic.

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It comes after government scientific advisers warned that coronavirus cases could increase to 50,000 per day by mid-October “if we don’t change course”. But a graph of their doomsday scenario was described as “implausible” and “irresponsible” by scientists and economists. Camilla Tominey says that, by letting experts run the country, Mr Johnson is on the brink of being well and truly stumped. But we can rely on cartoonist Matt to lighten the nation’s mood with a vision from the pub.

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We can beat Covid without lockdowns, says virologist

Germany’s most celebrated virologist has some trenchant advice for countries contemplating a second national lockdown: hold your nerve – and do not succumb to the pervasive mood of mass hysteria. “It is time to stop all this alarmism,” said Professor Hendrik Streeck, director of Germany’s Institute of Virology at Bonn University. “We can outsmart the virus using all our knowledge.” Calling for calibrated measures and a cool head, he told Ambrose Evans-Pritchard about the danger of misreading rising case numbers. Telegraph data analysis shows that Europe’s second wave of Covid-19 is proving less deadly than the first.

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How to ride out the second wave of coronavirus

We can be pretty sure that we will be spending a lot more time at home again over winter. Yet while the first lockdown in March saw us caught like deer in the headlights, we now know what to expect – and perhaps a little more about how to optimise it. For some, the aim will be better protecting their physical and mental health. For others, the focus will be on pandemic-proofing their relationships. Our writers explain what they will be doing differently to deal with another lockdown.


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